In Gabon

The 4 forest concessions managed by Rougier are certified by the independent body, the Forest Stewardship Council® (or FSC®). This acts as a guarantee that the forest’s socio-economic and environmental value is being protected and satisfies the most stringent requirements of a global market that is very aware of the importance of sustainable development.

The four concessions are those of Haut-Abanga, (293,833 ha, FSC-C116230), Ogooué-Ivindo (282,030 ha, FSC-C144419), Léké (130,973 ha, FSC-C150501) and Moyabi (189,989 ha, FSC-C150523). All are sustainably managed. Rougier Gabon also possesses an FSC® certificate for the Chain of Custody (CoC) of a primary processing industrial site (lumber) in Mboumba-Oyali (Haut-Ogooué). This is also the case for its commercial logging activity in Gabon and its dimensional lumber exports (FSC-C118282).

This certification helps combat illegal logging.

The FSC® label

Established in1994 in Oaxaca (Mexico), two years after the Earth Summit in Rio, the FSC® is known worldwide for having drawn up the principles and criteria (P&C) underpinning the promotion of sustainable forest management. This organization enables private bodies to apply for certification.

The 10 principles of FSC® certification cover compliance with laws, labour rights and working conditions, the rights of indigenous peoples, good relations with local communities, social benefits created by the forest, environmental values and impacts, management plans, monitoring and evaluation, High Conservation Values (HCV) and the implementation of management activities.

The FSC® international certification scheme owner does not accept genetically modified trees.

In the Republic of the Congo

Our subsidiary Rougier Congo (Mokabi SA) manages a forest concession covering 586,000 hectares. It has been certified by LegalSource™ (https://preferredbynature.org/) since 01/08/2019. This certification is one of the most common in the forestry sector. It is based upon compliance with applicable legislation in the country of harvest and has a strong focus on timber traceability.

The LegalSource™ standard

The LegalSource™ standard is the backbone of the LegalSource™ programme and due diligence system.

By setting out the requirements relating to supply chain management, risk assessment, risk mitigation and quality management systems, it enables organizations to demonstrate that Legal source™ certification reduces the risk of producing or purchasing illegal timber products.

This type of certification is often a first step towards a more sustainable forest management approach.