Marina of Limassol in Cyprus

The marina was made ​​entirely of wood OKAN, wood product in our forest concessions in the Congo Basin .


Primary school in Cameroon

Access to the education of children of our employees is a major focus of our social policy. 


Family in front of a house restored at Mbang in Cameroon

To maintain the housing of our employees still in good condition, checks and rehabilitation campaigns are conducted regularly.


Rougier teams visiting the port of Douala

During an internal seminar in December 2015 , forest teams , purchasing and CSR had the opportunity to visit the port of Douala in Cameroon through the DIT.


A major player for wildlife protection, Rougier is strongly committed to ensuring that the law is respected and applied, in addition to implementing international best practices.


ROUGIER is developing its actions while taking into consideration the Congo basin's specific features, particularly with responsible production based on stringent standards : social development, respect for local communities and preserving biodiversity.