Okoucent bardage

Okoucent bardage

Full okoume plywood; a recognised species for demanding conditions. This product is constituted by veneers especially selected for façade applications.

Okoucent Bardage



This product is manufactured in our factories in Gabon from timber harvested in certified forests.


The product is available in FSC 100%.

It complies with several European standards:

  • EN 314 – 2 (bonding)
  • EN 315 (tolerances and dimensions)
  • EN 635 - 1 and 2: (surface appearance)
  • XP ENV 1099: (biological durability)

CE marking: certificate of compliance 2+ according to EN 636-3

In conformity with EN 13986: Wood based panels

E1 (formaldehyde release)

Okoucent skidding also carries the KOMO label (Holland) and complies with BS 1088 requirements.


Okoucent bardage is available in bonding class 3 (exterior CTBX).


Thickness: 10, 15 and 18mm
Formats:  250 X 122 cm


Other formats and thicknesses: please ask us