Exotic wood laminated scantlings

Exotic wood laminated scantlings

Multiply laminated scantlings from exotic wood, for the manufacturing of internal and external door and windows frames.

Download the technical datasheet (in french only).



These Multiply laminated scantlings from exotic wood are proposed in two different profiles:

DKD (exterior plies massive and interior plies finger jointed) with a “door frame” profile, or KKK (all plies finger jointed) with a “window frame” profile. Exterior plies are at least 20mm thick.

Finger-jointing of the pieces insures an excellent stability and the numerous sizes available in stock, ready to be used, lead to an important saving of time.



These product are glued according to the norm EN 204 with a glue D4 allowing an exterior use.

According to the species and countries of origin, these scantlings can be certified for gluing by the FCBA laboratory (France).

A part of the range is FSC or PEFC certified, the rest having legal guarantees according to the European regulation EUTR.





Other sizes, other species: on request