Square edged timber products

Square edged timber products

Square edged timber products for the manufacture of door and window frames, joinery and blade shutters.


Square edged timber:

These products for the manufacture of frames are available in thicknesses of 72, 76, 92, 106 and 122 mm and width of 62 mm.
Lengths are 2.2 m for the doorposts, and 0.9 m or 1.1 m for sleepers, with a ratio of two doorposts for one sleeper. TImber is  square edeged and ready to be machined, and the minimum density is 450 kg/m3

Species: MRW (Mixed Red Wood) coming from East Asia.

Blade shutters:

These blades shutters are proposed in the following dimensions: 21x97mm or 27x97mm (width: 90mm) and in lengths of 2.10m and more. They are planed and profiled, and ready to use.

Species: Palapi and MRW (Mixed Red Wood)



All those products are coming from forests operated in accordance with the forest legislation of their country of origin, and for which we have guarantees of legality in accordance with EUTR.



On request. Other species and specifications are available on request.