FLEGT (Forest Law for Enforcement, Governance and Trade)





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FLEGT (Forest Law for Enforcement, Governance and Trade)

Dear customers,

As you have probably heard, the European Commission has developed a FLEGT (Forest Law for Enforcement, Governance and Trade) Action Plan whose objective is to fight against illegal logging and associated trade.

Among the different areas of intervention of the European Action Plan, two are major:

  • EU Timber Regulations (EUTR). It aims at the elimination of illegal timber on the EU market through the implementation of a new culture of control in the private sector. Faced with the prohibition on placing on the EU market illegal timber, importers and European producers must ensure the legality of timber products in relation to their supply chain. This Regulation will apply from 3 March 2013.


  • The Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPA). These are bilateral agreements between the EU and timber exporting countries. They aim to ensure that wood products exported to the EU comes from legal sources. Each bndle of timber coming from a VPA country to Europe will carry a FLEGT licenses. These FLEGT licenses attest to the legality of the imported product in Europe. No FLEGT licenses are available today.

As an importer of wood products on the EU market, you need - from March 3, 2013 - to prove that all your purchases are legal.

To do this, and in the absence of FLEGT licenses available, we encourage you to focus now on the purchasing of wood with guarantees (legality and sustainability) provided by independent third parties. By purchasing ROUGIER products which are audited by a third party, you meet the requirements of RBUE.


Please download the FLEGT Timber Pass and its associated FAQ sheets