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All of Rougier Afrique International's operations are run according to the principles of sustainable development. They are conducted while respecting the environment and populations living in the heart and on the outskirts of Rougier’s forest concessions.

They contribute to the well-being of workers and their families and are continuously involved in the development of the countries in which they are run (Gabon, Congo).


In the timber sector, sustainable development is implemented via 2 tools :


Public summaries of HVC indicators in Africa and Monitoring of forest operations (2013) are available on demand (please contact us through the "contact" link on our website.


Commitments towards indigenous communities


ROUGIER commits to:

  • Respect the legal and customary rights of indigenous Baka communities. ROUGIER recognize and respect the indigenous communities’ customary and use rights. The Baka community, as other communities, are fully allowed into the forest concession to collect forest products as stipulated by law. Our ways of operation have been communicated and the Baka communities are aware of our existence and operation.

  • Ongoing communications with indigenous Baka communities. As part of our working procedures, ROUGIER identifies Baka communities living in or around the forest concessions. This is done to enhance communications and consultations. The traditional leaders, opinions and various groups in the communities are consulted in the identification, protection and securing key sites and resources which are important for cultural, religious, ecological or economic perspective.


The list below shows the different certificates of traceability/CoC, legality and good forest management achieved by Rougier in Africa:


MOKABI (Congo)

  • VLC certificate (MOKABI forest and sawmill of Moualé) of Congo (Rainforest Alliance)